AsTeRICS Grid Dynamic Communicator

15 – Actions – Open webpage in new tab

The Open webpage in new tab action allows, as its name suggests, to assign an external web page to a cell and, by clicking on it, to access the information contained therein.

Below, we show this example in which we have selected several web pages that can be accessed from the communicator by clicking on the cell we are interested in.

To do this, we edit a cell and select and add this action. An editing options appears in which we can copy the URL of the webpage we want to open and the time in seconds we want it to remain open. After this time, the web page will close and the communicator grid will be displayed again.

Once this action is added, the final result will be similar to this one. By clicking on the NASA Kids page, we will access the webpage and navigate in it for the time we have set. After this time, the webpage will be closed and we will return to the communicator.