Video tutorial


If we want to protect access to the configuration area so that the user of the Communicator cannot make changes to the configuration of this we can set a password for access to this area. To do this we must go to the configuration within the LetMeTalk menu (three points in the upper right). Within the configuration area we scroll down until we find the “Password protection” option.

We click on it and in the text input field we write “admin” (we recommend always using a simple password common to other applications to avoid forgetting later). Then click on “Save and Activate“.

Click on “Yes“.

We will return to the “SetPassword” window and we will see that the “Password protection” checker will be activated.

If we return to the communicator’s main window and click on “Settings” again in the LetMeTalk menu, we will see that the password is requested.

Once written and clicked on “Yes” we will access the configuration area. If we want to deactivate the password request we must go back to the “Password protection” option and deactivate the “Password protectioncheckbox.

Once deactivated, an information window will appear indicating that the Password has been deactivated. Simply click on “Yes“.

Note: If we forget the password to access the configuration area, the application must be uninstalled and reinstalled since there is no established password recovery method. For this reason, it is recommended to have copies of the profiles stored outside the application so that, in the event that the application has to be reinstalled, it can be easily recovered.