Video tutorial


LetMeTalk supports operation in different languages. Currently supported languages are: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Catalan, Basque and Galician. To open the LetMeTalk configuration, we will click on the icon located in the upper right corner and identified by three points. In the menu that is displayed we will click on “Settings”.

Once inside the LetMeTalk Settings, we will click on “Choose language”.

The list that shows us corresponds to the supported languages that we have commented on at the beginning of the chapter. Highlighted in green is the currently active language.

If we want to change the language, we just have to click on any other in the list. It is important to note that those in which the loudspeaker is active will have support for Synthesized Speech. Whether we have support for more or fewer languages depends directly on the voice synthesizer that we have activated on Android. Google’s or Samsung’s speech synthesizer supports a large number of languages. The ones with the speaker crossed out will have language support for the app’s text and translation but not for synthesized speech.

In any case, if we want to activate or deactivate the Synthesized Voice within the Settings window we will click on the “Enable Voice” checkbox.

Once another language is selected, such as English (English), the LetMeTalk interface is translated into English and all those pictograms and categories linked to the ARASAAC pictogram database will be translated into English.

In the case of having added an image or personalized category, they will remain in the original language.

Note: LetMeTalk uses the synthesized speech engine that is set by default on the device. If your device’s speech engine does not support the desired language or you are not satisfied with the quality it offers, you should consider using some other commercial speech engine that, in addition to supporting a wide range of languages, offers better and more natural speech quality. voice.