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Fighting the Coronavirus, also with the ARASAAC pictograms.

Given the declaration of alarm and the confinement of citizens in their homes by governments with the aim of preventing the community contagion of the Coronavirus,the need arises to explain to people with difficulties in communication and cognitive accessibility what is happening with visual supports, in our case, with the pictograms of ARASAAC: origin of this disease, symptoms, treatment, hygiene habits to prevent the spread and restriction of daily activities (do not go outside, do not go to school and work at home).

From here, a wave of solidarity arises from collaborators from all over the world who share materials made with ARASAAC to help families and other professionals to make anticipations,social stories, routines and other content that mitigate the appearance of disruptive behaviors and make these days of social isolation more enjoyable and bearable, which we will overcome together.

On this page, we will be making a compilation of all these materials that are coming to us and that are increasing day by day. We hope that they will be of great help to you.

From ARASAAC, our recognition and gratitude to all the collaborators and collaborators and, of course, to all the professionals who are, day by day, fighting against this terrible disease, risking their health to win this damn battle and that we can return as soon as possible to the daily normality of our lives. THANK YOU! ¡THANKS!