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Oral Language and Literacy- Interactive Presentations

On this page, we have selectedinteractive presentations to work on different content related to language -from phonological awareness to literacy- that allow us to carry out activities in a playful, motivating and graded way.

Our thanks to Belén López Baquero, author of the blog “Un Mar de Palabras” for sharing these fantastic materials with all of us.

Here are some links and screenshots contained in the ARASAAC portal, made with pictograms by the users themselves. If you want to view the complete material of each of the tabs, click on the download links.

Phonemic awareness: Vowels in initial / final position

Phonemic awareness: Intruder word

Phonemic awareness: We play See-I see

Syllabic awareness: Counting syllables

Syllabic Awareness: Remove Syllables 1

Syllabic Awareness: Remove Syllables 2

Syllabic Awareness: Chained Words

Syllabic Awareness: Syllabic Intruders

Syllabic awareness: Fugue of syllables with l-m-p-s

Syllabic awareness: Discriminate symphons bl / br, bl / b_l, br / b_r

Syllabic awareness: Discriminate symphons cl / cr, cl / c_l, cr / c_r

Syllabic awareness: Discriminate symphons dr / tr, dr / d_r, tr / t_r

Syllabic awareness: Distinguish symphones fl / fr, fl / f_l, fr / f_r

Syllabic awareness: Discriminate symphons gl / gr, gl / g_l, gr / g_r

Syllabic awareness: Discriminate symphons pl / pr, pl / p_l, pr / p_r

Lexis: We identify and work the opposites-opposites-antonyms

Lexis: We identify and work on synonyms

Lexicon: Associate individual nouns – collectives

Lexicon: Deck of polysemic words

Lexicon: Dictionary – Definitions

Lexicon – Regattas at sea: Vocabulary games

Semantics: We are going to identify and learn vocabulary

Semantics: Word Workshop

Morphosyntax: We use the articles correctly

Phonological Awareness and Literacy: Correcting Errors in Speech and Literacy

Phonological Awareness and Literacy: Phonetic and Self-Dictating Charts

Phonological awareness and literacy: Hidden trade

Phonological awareness and literacy: Hidden flower

Phonological awareness and literacy: vibrant phoneme / r / y / rr /

Literacy: initial syllable and final syllable

Literacy: Correcting the confusion of spellings ch-ñ-ll

Literacy: Correcting D-L-R Spelling Confusion

Literacy: We work on locked and mixed syllables