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Teacch Materials

The resources based on the Teacch methodology are manipulative materials, very visually attractive and with a great load of motivation for the realization of any activity, including curricular activities. The structuring with which these materials are presented improves the autonomy of the person, enhancing individual and independent work.

Here are some links and screenshots contained in the ARASAAC portal, made with pictograms by the users themselves. If you want to view the complete material of each of the tabs, click on the download links.

TEACCH Material – House Object Classification Box

TEACCH Material – Transportation Classification – Displacement

TEACCH Material – Store-Seller-Product Association

TEACCH Material – Association – Winter and summer clothing

TEACCH Material – Food Classification – Animal or Plant Origin

TEACCH Material – Food Sorting Box – Healthy or Occasional

TEACCH Material – Food Classification – Menu

TEACCH Material – Sorting Box – Where I Keep It

TEACCH Material – Color Sorting Box

TEACCH material – Classification box for school premises

TEACCH Material – Face Set

TEACCH Material – Logic Sequences

TEACCH Material – We associate actions-objects and build sentences

TEACCH material: Construction of sentences with dice and pictograms

TEACCH material – Sorting houses

TEACCH folder – Animals

TEACCH Material – Where Animals Live

TEACCH Material – Where these animals live

TEACCH Material – Morphosyntax – What Animals Eat

TEACCH material – Association roulette of the seasons of the year

TEACCH Material – Sense Cards

TEACCH Material – Share and Food Association Roulette

TEACCH Materials- Roulette for association of actions and toilet objects

TEACCH Material – School Object Association Roulette

TEACCH Material – House Object Association Roulette

TEACCH Material – Clothing Association Roulette

TEACCH material – Double entry panel – Accessories

Manipulative material to learn how to hang clothes

TEACCH material – I prepare the clothes for the next day