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Through the activities of intruders, we work on the discrimination, understanding and categorization of vocabulary through activities in which we are presented with series of words that have some kind of relationship due to their meaning or because they belong to the same semantic field. Among this series of words, we must identify the one that does not meet the characteristics of the rest.

With these types of activities, we can also work on other language content:

– Improved attention and concentration.
– Acquisition of vocabulary.
– Classification of words according to a category.
– Discrimination of words that do not belong to a given category.
– First descriptions and definitions.

Below we attach some links and screenshots contained in the ARASAAC portal and made with pictograms by the users themselves. If you want to view the complete material of each of the tabs, click on the download links.

Look for the intruder – which one is different

What is the intruder?

Discover the intrusive colors

Look for the intruder: Christmas.

Look for the intruder: Winter

Look for the intruder: Carnival.

Look for the intruder: Trades

Look for the intruder: Start with the letter

Look for the intruder that doesn’t start with the letter …

Abstraction: locate the intruder

Discover the intruders in these folk tales

Phonological awareness: syllabic intruders