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Teacch Materials – Early Childhood Education

The resources based on the Teacch methodology are manipulative materials, very attractive visually and with a great load of motivation to carry out any activity. The structuring with which these materials are presented improves the autonomy of the person, enhancing individual and independent work. In this section, we will include materials aimed at the early stages of Early Childhood Education, prepared by our collaborator Diana Bericoechea Álvarez.

Here are some links and screenshots contained in the ARASAAC portal, made with pictograms by the users themselves. If you want to view the complete material of each of the tabs, click on the download links.

TEACCH material – We work attention with series of home objects

TEACCH material – We work attention – The colors

TEACCH material – We work the colors with tweezers

TEACCH Material – We work attention to Spring

TEACCH material – Basic vocabulary puzzles

TEACCH material – We work on the basic spatial concepts

TEACCH Material – Talking Pacifiers Game

TEACCH Material – Whose footprint is it?

The Discoverer of Tales – A Very TEACCH Tale

TEACCH story – A mess of noses

TEACCH Story – A slap on the wrist

TEACCH story – Who’s there?

TEACCH Story – More than a kiss

TEACCH story – I see, I see fruits and colors

TEACCH Story – Lemon Says: Parts of the Body

Story TEACCH – Tell me – What are we playing at?

TEACCH Tale – Sidereal Astronaut

TEACCH story – And you … what do you see

Carnival Ladybugs – We disguise the ARASAAC dolls