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Visual memory and auditory memory

Memory is an ability that allows us to retain impressions of sensory information after the original stimulus has ceased. There are two types of sensory memory: visual sensory memory (iconic memory) and auditory sensory memory (echoic memory).

In this section, we will gather materials to work on these two types of memory.

Here are some links and screenshots contained in the ARASAAC portal, made with pictograms by the users themselves. If you want to see the complete material of each of the files, click on the download links.

We work on visual memory and auditory memory

Visual and auditory memory – And one more … I look and remember

We work on visual sequential memory

Visual and auditory memory activities

What objects were there before?

Remember – We work on short-term memory

We work sequential memory

Memory – Recalling the series

Memory – Remember and respond

We work on auditory memory

Auditory Memory – Which word has disappeared

Auditory memory – What word have I added

Interactive memory to work on emotions