AsTeRICS Grid – Installation as an app under iOS

AsTeRICS Grid is a cross-platform web communicator (webapp), which means that it always works on the basis of a web browser with the advantage that it stores all the data on the device we are using (computer, tablet or smartphone).

This advantage allows offline operation (without Internet connection) after the first connection and initial data download. We also have the possibility of installing it as if it were a native application (although it is still a webapp), that is, its operation will be the same as any other application that we have installed on our computer or device. This offers as an additional advantage the full screen display without the browser being seen, that is to say, as if it were a native APP that we have downloaded and installed.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to install AsTeRICS Grid on mobile devices and tablets with iOS operating system.

Once installed, an icon will appear on the desktop that will allow us to launch the communicator as if it were an app, without displaying the browser on which it runs.

Installation on iOS operating system

To install AsTeRICS Grid, as if it were a native app on iOS operating systems (iPhone or iPad), open the AsTeRICS Grid web page in the Safari browser.

We will be able to open AsTeRICS Grid in other browsers and it will work perfectly in a web environment, but we will not be able to install it on the desktop as if it were a native app.

Once the AsTeRICS Grid website is open in Safari, click on the Options button (1) …

… and then click on Add to home screen (2)….

If we go back to the desktop, we can see that a new icon called Grid appears.

Clicking on the icon will open AsTeRICS Grid in full screen mode without displaying the browser.

If we have created users in the browser and we want to use them in the new app, we will use the Connect option by entering the Username and Password of each one of them. If we do not have any users created, click on “Create a new online user”.

Following these steps we will have AsTeRICS Grid as if it were a regular app on our device.