AsTeRICS Grid – Installation as an app under Mac

AsTeRICS Grid is a cross-platform web communicator (webapp), which means that it always works on the basis of a web browser with the advantage that it stores all the data on the device we are using (computer, tablet or smartphone).

This advantage allows offline operation (without Internet connection) after the first connection and initial data download. We also have the possibility of installing it as if it were an application of the Mac itself (although it is still a webapp), that is to say, its operation will be the same as any other application that we have installed on our computer. This offers as an additional advantage the visualization in an independent window, full screen and without seeing the browser, that is, as if it were another Mac application.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to install AsTeRICS Grid on Mac from Google Chrome.

1- Installation with Google Chrome

To install the AsTeRICS Grid dynamic communicator as if it were a Mac application, open the AsTeRICS Grid website in a new tab from the Google Chrome browser and click on the install application icon (shown in the screenshot).

Click on Install.

After a few seconds of waiting, a new Chrome Apps window appears in which we will already see AsTeRICS Grid.

We can click to open the application or create a shortcut on the desktop. When we open it we can resize it to full screen so that we do not see the desktop. We will also not see the browser on which it runs.

To uninstall the application we have the possibility of doing it from the application window itself by clicking on the (1), which appears in the upper part of the window, and then on Uninstall AsTeRICS Grid (2).