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Tales adapted with pictograms

The elaboration of adapted stories with pictograms allows access to leisure and culture for all people, adapting the texts according to the capacities of each one. It is essential that this adaptation is carried out using easy reading and avoiding visual noise, that is, the accumulation of too much visual stimuli that impede concentration and understanding of the stories.

Here are some links and screenshots contained in the ARASAAC portal, made with pictograms by the users themselves. If you want to view the complete material of each of the tabs, click on the download links.

Storytelling with pictograms

Children’s story communication boards

Augmentative communication story workshop

Story – The Brown Bear

The Discoverer of Tales – A Very TEACCH Tale

TEACCH story – A mess of noses

TEACCH Story – A slap on the wrist

TEACCH story – Who’s there?

TEACCH Story – More than a kiss

TEACCH story – I see, I see fruits and colors

TEACCH Story – Lemon Says – Body Parts

Story – Ana and the plastic bags

History of the maligned wolf, written by Lief Fearn

Let’s make up stories

Stories: Encouragement to read and reinforcement of reading comprehension

We make up a story – Tell me a story

Poetry and short stories adapted from Douglas Wright

Story: The gift of Christmas