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Literacy with pictograms allows us to adapt the learning rate of reading and writing to the abilities of any person. In this type of material, we will have a greater number of visual aids, which will facilitate the understanding and execution of the different tasks related to this content.

Here are some links and screenshots contained in the ARASAAC portal, made with pictograms by the users themselves. If you want to view the complete material of each of the tabs, click on the download links.

ZAFOLECTO – Phonetic literacy method

CHINO-CHANO: Literacy in Capital Letters – VOWELS

CHINO-CHANO: Literacy in Capital Letters – CONSONANTS

CHINO-CHANO: Literacy in Lowercase – VOWELS

CHINO-CHANO: Lowercase Literacy – CONSONANTS

Speech-M global literacy method

Primer to work on global reading: Vowels in lowercase and uppercase

Learning and working literacy: from A to Z

Literacy worksheets: direct and inverse syllables

Literacy worksheets: locked syllables

We work on literacy with the alphabet

Literacy with 4-letter words

I identify, read and write the phonemes and spellings:

I learn to read with my book of syllables

Cards and cards for photosyllabic reading

Phonological awareness and literacy: vowels and consonants

Syllabic awareness and literacy

Lexical awareness and literacy.

Phonological awareness and global reading

Global reading by semantic fields

We discriminate words with symphons of / l /

We discriminate words with symphons of / r /

Reading comprehension books I and II

Literacy – We work on reading comprehension

Encouragement to read and reinforcement of reading comprehension

TEACCH Material – Literacy – Winter