The Calendar Creator facilitates all portal users the design and creation of personalized calendars that complements the Schedule Generator explained above as it helps our students to temporarily locate themselves throughout a specific month, being able to establish the appropriate activities, events or routines to each of the days of said month.

The operation of this tool is very similar to the one previously explained for the Schedule Generator. First, we select the Month and the Year that we are going to use in our calendar. We can also select that Header appears so that the pictogram corresponding to the month and the accompanying text appear automatically (both are modifiable).

We also have the option of showing a row with the days of the week (with text in any of the languages for which translation is available) and different possibilities to configure the position in the cell of the number corresponding to the days of the month, like this as the format of it.

As in the other online tools, it is recommended to do different tests and click on Generate Previous Template in RTF” to see the result. As we already mentioned in other tools, the generated file is editable in Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer, thus being able to give the final touches and adjustments to the calendar.