The Edit menu presents the basic commands in any word processor.

One of the most striking options is the option to Paste a text that we have previously copied from the Internet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the example shown below is just a sample of all the potential that AraWord has, but we recommend that, for a correct subtitling, you follow the suggestions that you will find in this section of the Open Classroom of ARASAAC: HOW TO SUBTITLE TEXTS WITH PICTOGRAMS

We select a phrase from the story “A special friend” in Easy Reading that we have extracted from the Sinpromi Base Library and using the combination Ctrl+C or the right mouse button we copy it.

Immediately, we head to AraWord and use the Paste option in the Edit menu or the Crtl+V combination.

As you can see the result is quite good. We will only have to use some tools that we will explain later to obtain the desired result.