In this menu, we can select different options related to the Text or the Language of the document.

The basic options that we are going to find in this menu are

– Text formatting:allows us to choose the font, size and color of the text. Regarding the font, AraWord allows us to use any of the fonts that we have installed on our computer.

– Location of the text: allows us to place the text at the top / bottom of the pictogram.

– Upper/lower case text: allows us to exchange all the text or any of the texts between uppercase or lowercase letter.

– Language of the document:allows us to choose between the different languages to which the pictograms are translated, except those that have a spelling not supported by the Spanish keyboard (Chinese, Arabic, Romanian, Polish, …).

AraWord performs the conjugation of verb tenses in Spanish,as well as a wide repertoire of verbs frequently used in English, French and Catalan. In the rest of the languages, we must use the infinitive of the verb and, later, change the name with the option that we will explain in the next chapter.