AsTeRICS Grid Dynamic Communicator

4 – Communicator main screen

Main Menu

The Main menu of the AsTeRICS Grid dynamic communicator allows you to run the communicator of the currently open user or edit the currently displayed grid to customize it.

Throughout this tutorial, we will use, as a model, the communicator developed by the ARASAAC team. This communicator is designed to visualize all the possibilities offered by AsTeRICS Grid. It is very important to emphasize that each person needs a communicator adapted to his or her abilities, characteristics, needs, environment, etc. We must always adapt the communicator to the person and not the person to the communicator.

This communicator has been designed with two communication options, combined together, representing the two most widely used methodologies as Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AAC):

  • Communicator with a core vocabulary distributed by categories and
  • core vocabulary type configuration – essential words.

The main grid is the core vocabulary distributed by categories, although at the bottom right we have a cell, called Core 50, which leads us to the core vocabulary – essential words.