Project description

In this experience, the implementation of an interdisciplinary Learn and Servide project with the students of 5th grade of Primary of the CEIP Ramiro Soláns and in collaboration with the boys and girls of Down Zaragoza Foundation and arises from the philosophy of the center of training our students as an agent of change to educate participatory, critical, active and committed to their environment.

The project has the support and collaboration of social entities of the neighborhood (Down Foundation, Aragon Neighborhood Association, Senior Center, Civic Center) and the financing of the Integral Plan of the Oliver Neighborhood.

This is a project that has made available to students the possibility of changing the lives of their neighbors, transforming their gaze and putting their learning, work and effort at the service of their community. At the same time, it has given them the opportunity to establish links and live with people with functional diversity as well as to know their reality and their rights closely.

The project “Oliver, an accessible and playful neighborhood” is being carried out since November 2021 and is structured in two phases. The first aims to make more accessible the shops and social and educational resources of the neighborhood through the placement of ARASAAC pictograms adapted and personalized to the reality of the neighborhood. The second phase, which is currently being developed, aims to place QRs in different spaces of the neighborhood previously chosen by the participants, following agreed criteria. In them, videos will be linked to the games selected by the students in which they will explain the rules of the game and a demonstration of how it is carried out.

Project objectives

  • Imagine our neighborhood from diversity, finding barriers that prevent citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups, from having a quality of life and making their capacities visible and not their limitations.
  • Offer resources to the inhabitants of the Oliver neighborhood that allow them to acquire and improve their life habits related to physical activity.
  • Expand and enrich the possibilities of the neighborhood by placing QR codes linked to different games.
  • Recover the street as a zone of coexistence and play in the neighbourhood.

Detected needs

The need to improve the quality of life of those disadvantaged groups is detected: migrants, old age, childhood and functional diversity.


  • Use the signage of the collective ARASAAC (Aragonese Center for Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and place it in the most frequented resources and places in the neighborhood.
  • Record games with the corresponding explanation and they will be linked to a QR code that will remain forever in the streets of the neighborhood through a plaque located in the places indicated by the students.
  • Identify accessibility barriers in the neighborhood and claim their improvement to the local authorities.


The dissemination of the project will be carried out through:

  • Day of awareness and dissemination of the work carried out.
  • Celebration of Education Day in the street.
  • Social networks.
  • ARASAAC website and ARASAAC Open Classroom
  • Zaragoza City Council plenary session.


The objectives, contents and activities of the project are described below:

– General objectives from the area of Physical Education

+ Promote the practice of the game as a tool to improve global health (social, physical, mental, emotional and internal).

+ Acquire specific learning in the area of Physical Education from the start of the project.

+ Know the degree of physical activity practiced by students outside the school context.

– Explanation of the proposal from the area of Physical Education

The project arises with the intention of increasing the time of physical practice by the students beyond the exercise practiced in the hours of PE that are carried out in the school and from there improve the healthy lifestyle of all of them.

It will begin by carrying out an initial questionnaire that allows detecting the needs that the students consider to be in the neighborhood in relation to practicing sports or physical activity.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to carry out an in-depth survey of the neighborhood to select those specific areas or spaces (squares, walks, etc.) that, due to their characteristics, allow them to be played without being dangerous.

The next step will be to decide the games that they want to offer to their neighbors, with the collaboration of different entities close to the school, such as the Center for the Elderly.

Finally, the games will be recorded with their corresponding explanation and linked to a QR code that will remain forever in the streets of the neighborhood.

– Objectives of the rest of the curricular areas

  • Study the situation of people with functional diversity difficulties, old age, childhood and migrants.
  • Sensitize yourself to a need of any group in the neighborhood.
  • Being able to engage with your community.
  • Put your skills and abilities at the service of your community
  • Relate to all kinds of people recognizing and respecting the diversity of Oliver.
  • Work empathy.
  • Develop civic awareness, responsibility, solidarity and participation.
  • Develop the linguistic, mathematical, and scientific skills necessary to perform community service successfully. (will be specified in the development of the project)

– Explanation of the proposal from the rest of the areas

As a result of the proposal from the PE area, the tutor of the 5th year of EP makes the proposal to expand the learning and the actions to be carried out through a study of the most important difficulties encountered by the most vulnerable groups that live in the neighborhood proposing to make it more accessible in every way.


Network work will be carried out in contact with the following entities:

From ARASAAC, we convey our congratulations to all the institutions involved in this project, to the students committed to it and our thanks to everyone for trusting in our pictograms to carry it out.