AsTeRICS Grid Dynamic Communicator

Annex C – Using colour coding according to word type

In AsTeRiCS Grid we can assign different colour codes to the cells of the grids, according to the function performed by each of the words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) that compose them.

To activate this option, we go to the Settings menu and in the Colors section, we can activate or deactivate this option in Activate color categories of grid elements.

Currently, the most commonly used pictogram colour keys are the Fitzgerald Key and the Goosens Key. If we select the tab, use these keys in two colour tones (light and medium) assigned to each of them.

In the following image, we show you a grid in which we use the Fitzgerald Key with the assignment of colours corresponding to the different types of words.

In the following image, we show you the same grid with the assignment of the Goosens Key.

We also have the option to deactivate these colour keys on our grid. To do this, we deactivate the option Activate color categorie sof grid elements.

Starting from this last option, we can assign different colours for the background of the cells. An example is shown in the following image:

As we can see, there are a multitude of options for customising our communicator, which allows for greater adaptation to the needs and characteristics of the person.