AsTeRICS Grid Dynamic Communicator

Annex D – Use uppercase – lowercase letters in the communicator

The AsTeRiCS Grid communicator allows the use of upper or lower case letters in the cells, according to the learning style of the person using it.

First of all, we must visit the Settings section, where we have several options in the Text menu of the cell.

As can be seen, there are three text configuration options.

The most common is to use the option Do not transform the text in the cells. In this way, the upper or lower case font we have entered in the cell will be respected.

In case we are using or modifying a downloaded communicator, we have two other options that allow us to Convert to uppercase or Convert to lowercase to customise the text to the user’s needs.

In the following example, we show you how to automatically change all the texts in the communicator cells from uppercase to lowercase. For the opposite process, we would use the other option.

The next step is to Edit the grid and in the more section, choose the Edit global Grid option. Right-click on the cumulative phrase and edit it.

Here we can view all the options of the cumulative phrase. At the bottom, we must activate the option Convert keyboard letters from uppercase to lowercase.

In the next screen, we have the final result with the cells and the cumulative phrase in lower case.

In this way, both the text in the cells of the grid and the text of the cumulative phrase will appear in lower case.

If we want to use the cumulative cells and phrase option with capitalised text, we change all the options again.