AsTeRICS Grid Dynamic Communicator

14 – Actions – Change content language / voice

The Change content language action is used to change the language of the communicator grid(s) by clicking on a cell (element) that we have configured to perform this action.

In case we are creating a multilingual communicator with all the grids translated into different languages, we can create a specific grid with cells that allow to change between the different translated languages.

In case we only want to translate a grid into other languages, we can enter the cells in the board, as shown below.

In this case, we have selected three languages placed in the three cells on the right side for ease of use.

In this example, if we want to translate the board into ENGLISH, we only have to click on the English flag and the grid is automatically translated into that language.

To be able to use this action correctly, let’s see a simple example in which we will use three colors that we will translate into French.

First of all, the first thing to do is to Edit the grid and select the Translate grid option using the top right button More.

In the window that appears, select Texts in French and we will translate into French the texts of the cells of our grid in Spanish, which appear on the left. Once finished, click on the Save button.

This is how we should proceed with the different languages into which we want the board to be translated.

Now we can use in our cell with the French flag the action Change content language from the Actions tab and add it to the Current Actions list.

When we edit this action, a field appears from which we can assign the French language to the cell with the French flag.

Select the French language and click on End edit.

In this way, we click on the cell corresponding to the French language and all the cells on the board are translated into this language.