The Goose Game, like the bingo generator, allows us to easily create a Goose board, with the pictograms we have selected, which we can print and use with our students.

In a playful way, you can work on aspects related to semantic fields, mathematics (numbers, counting boxes, …), attention, concentration, …

The handling of this tool is very similar to that explained above for the Bingo Creator.

InStep 1 we must look for the pictograms that we are going to include in our Goose Game and add them to our selection (see “My Selection folder” and “Work folder“). We will need 41 different pictograms, if we want them not to repeat themselves. The rest of the boxes are configured by default for all the games we make. It is not necessary to introduce neither bridges, nor geese, nor jail, …

Once the pictograms that we are going to use in Step 1 have been selected, we click on the Step 2 tab and the following window appears:

In this second step you can configure the Paper Size, the enunciation of our board and somevisual aspects related to the edges. Pressing the button Generate Goose Board will generate an RTF document that can be opened and modified with Microsoft Wordor Open Office before printing.